Shantel Kalika will be the only woman racing in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series in Saskatoon.

Kalika, from Prince Albert, began racing when she was 20 years old, and this will be her first time in the race.

“In Canada that is the biggest step it’s something you work your career towards. And for us, we worked really hard as a family to get to this point, and so we're excited for it,” said Kalika.

For her, it does not matter that she is the only woman out on the track.

“Being a female in a male dominant sport, I feel like I’m just one of them out there. I know that when you put on your helmet, all of us racers, we just become racers, so it doesn’t matter,” said Kalika.

Kalika’s father, Ben Busch, is a fellow racer and inspired her to get into the sport. Heading into this race, he is a proud dad.

“We don't play the girl card thing, when she gets in the vehicle, she’s a race car driver. Obviously the pride there, being dad is tremendous,” said Busch.

Kalika’s competitiveness helps keep her on track, and that mindset is going to help her as she prepares for the big race.

“That competitive nature always gets you and you always want to strive for more. And so, you always want to keep digging and get what you can get. And obviously winning is the biggest thing. But I like to say, I’m calm, cool, collected,” said Kalika.

Kalika will be racing at the Wyant Group Raceway in Saskatoon, on Wednesday, July 25.

From: CTV Saskatoon
Published Monday, July 2, 2018 6:24PM CST
Last Updated Monday, July 2, 2018 6:40PM CST

Based on a report by Stephanie Villella