We are Yargus - IT Staff Highlight

Jill Coleman
IT Specialist

jill coleman news2Every company needs a Jill Coleman. She’s the one person who is there to help, competent, calm and without complaint. Every Time. Eager to solve a problem, always with a smile on her face and a good attitude, often problems seem to fix themselves just by being in her presence. On the rare occasion it can’t be immediately fixed, you can guarantee she will not stop until she has a solution. You would have a very hard time finding anyone who works at Yargus that hasn’t benefited from Jill’s expertise.

Jill was born and raised in Clay County, Indiana and has lived the last 20 years in Brazil, IN. Following a time as a substitute teacher and volleyball, basketball and track coach, Jill focused her energy on web design, graphic design, and all things computer.

Jill has an extensive background in IT and graphic design, most recently through 15 years with Miller White Marketing as the Interactive Media Manager. Prior to that, Jill spent several years at High Ground Digital Web also working with interactive media.

Yargus was lucky to hire Jill as our IT Specialist in early 2015. However, Jill still gets to follow her passion through development and maintaining the website and graphic and creative development in Yargus Marketing. According to Jill, “What I love about my job, is I am faced with a new puzzle to solve every day.”

Jill enjoys her free time with photography, fishing, and practicing graphic arts. Jill has one son, Ben, that she spots occasionally around her house. They are actually very close, but are both hard workers on opposite schedules.

Though Jill spends most of her time at Yargus solving IT issues, she has goals to streamline the process for tech support and establish a company-wide intranet. Goals that no doubt she will achieve with her calm, confident competence. Dependable, consistent, skilled, composed and capable, Yargus values Jill’s contributions and strives to achieve that throughout the company.

We are Yargus.