Agriculture Reimagined

Yargus is proud to be a part of the solution to utilize nutrients to create value out of waste.

Business in Focus Magazine features “Agriculture Reimagined, Midwestern BioAg”, highlighting the innovative agricultural advancements in biological farming. As Midwestern BioAg and their partners stated, “… we believe that this manufacturing process and product could revolutionize agriculture.”

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Yargus Develops New River Terminal


A new River terminal at Marseilles, Illinois is taking shape as all the components of the state of the art facility comes together.

The River teminal sitting on the Illinois river will supply fertilizer at a high capacity exceeding industry standards. The new Yargus 6 Leg Tower will blend and wholesale at a combined capacity of up to 700 TPH. In addition the latest technology developed by the Yargus engineering team includes the "Yargus Stairway to Heaven" Access stairs system designed to allow operators to easily access all areas of the Yargus Tower and to improve worker safety by eliminating long lengths of access ladders in the system.

AgProfessional Magazine reveals Reader’s Choice New Product of the Year 2016 in the February Issue

Yargus Receives Runner-Up

AgProfessional Magazine’s 10th annual feature of Reader’s Choice, Product of the Year included a nomination for Yargus Manufacturing’s new “Stairway to Heaven” Tower design.   This new safety and convenience feature was created first by Yargus Manufacturing.  The sex-legged tower design incorporates zero ladder usage throughout the entire structure with larger square footage allowing for more room for service and maintenance.


Fertilizer Latino Americano

Pedro Imeroni of Yargus recently presented at the Fertilizer Latino Americano Conference in Buenos Aires.

Construction you can count on!

From concept to creation, Yargus’ Blend Tower is engineered for safety, built for quality, and constructed swiftly.

This Randalia, Iowa 6 legged tower with “Stairway to Heaven” feature was constructed in only 16 days.

YARGUS Nominated for Readers Choice Top Ten Product by AgPro!

Stairway to Heaven Tower Design New in 2016

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Ag Growth International acquires Yargus Manufacturing

The acquisition of Yargus will expand the product line for AGI in fertilizer and industrial material handling.  With AGI’s global strength, this positions Yargus to be able to be stronger in the global fertilizer and material handling market.  Yargus  Manufacturing will continue to operate out of the Yargus plant in Marshall, Illinois. All jobs will be retained and business will continue to operate as normal.

Wolftrax Blending System

Check out the new Wolftrax blending system in action

The 2050 Challenge

Many people do not currently have access to the food they need. The 2050 challenge is feeding the world’s projected population of 9 billion people in 2050 by improving both production and efficiency.

Yargus is committed to doing our part in 2050 Challenge. One thing we are doing to help is creating more efficient fertilizer systems to optimize fertilizer buying for farmers.